In strategy game you show off your skills of diplomacy, resource management and your wit in total. Though strategies may not look very like each other and may unfold in very different locations (from a peaceful village to a an uninvestigated galaxy), they all have a very important trait in common: you have to make decision and determine its consequences. Whether playing a strategy, your brain will never stop working, predicting further situations and thinking broader and deeper than usual. Learn while playing and feel the power of your mind!

Heroes at War

Heroes at War – military strategy browser developers series “feudal lords” for computer games. Are you ready to start a bloody battle with millions of other players for the right to own the world’s Throne and rule the civilizations? The path is thorny and is heavy, but the goal is as beautiful as faceted ruby….

Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a free to play, browser-based Medieval Real-time strategy MMO Game featuring replay history from 11 different nations.

Under Control

Under Control is a strategy game made by RJ Games. The year is 2048. You are the commander of a rebel squad. You control a powerful army, have a huge arsenal, and an unwavering will to win.

Vast Wars

You start your game as a hustler in your country, and you should do everything to become the best in your business. This is a cold and cruel world surviving in conditions of war, so you can’t have a good heart and you must be prepared to do everything necessary.

Rail Nation

Real railway was the dream of every boy. The romance of the trains is breathtaking at any age. Now all fans of railways and strategies were able to create their own digital transport companies and to put into practice their ideas on the formation of economically viable transportation system.

Goblin Keeper

Goblin Keeper is the only game where the player will control the whole armies consisting of goblins, orcs, wizards, ogres and other creatures. Your task is to build your own dungeon and turn it into a real fortress horror at all the others. Be the master of such unpredictable creatures – a big responsibility, but…

Hero Zero

In this unusual game you will create a hero of our time. You take the role of a citizen of a small town, who decided to become a local super hero, and you have to help him.

Tribal Wars 2

One of the goals Tribal Wars 2 is to turn their village into a powerful castle, fortified with impressive city walls. The Tribal Wars 2 is more than simply urban construction; you will train soldiers and collect the whole army. With their help, you’ll be able to defend and expand the limits of its medieval…

Astro Lords

Like any MMO you usually manage a hero or a spaceship but here you will rule the asteroid you’re your main idea is to become the leader of Oort Cloud! Interesting graphics and an original storyline that is what awaits you in Astro Lords.


Did you ever dream about your own football team? Your dream comes true with Goalunited! Friendly matches, cup and league matches are waiting for your team every week for free.

Battledawn Galaxies

If you want to create your own space station, explore and expand new boundaries, increase your production and become a leader of the galaxy – BattleDawn Galaxies is waiting for you!

Battle Knight

Join massive multiplayer online role-playing game Battle Knight and cut your way through the legions of enemies to the top of local hall of fame! It’s only to you to decide: will you become the defender of innocent souls or the destroyer of entire cities that stand in your way!

Kings Age

Set in Medieval background, Kings Age offers you a special kind of experience with war, economic and diplomatic strategy. You shall defend your sovereignty from constant attacks of other kingdoms and wild barbarians. Are you able to build and empire that you descendents shall be proud of?


Good news for all «vampires v.s. werewolves» fans: now you can choose if you want to be a whiter shade of pale vampire or a hairy yet sympathetic werewolf. In this browser game there is no choice between light and darkness — there is only the strongest, who survives and rules the rest.

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