A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Space has inspired many writers (remember Isaac Asimov), musicians (remember Daft Punk), film directors (remember… oh, there are thousands of them — say at least Star Wars or Gravity). Its infinite galaxies and non-explorable paths inspire anyone of us, as well. That’s why we do love playing space games: no other kind of art may take us into a spacecraft, teach us to control it, let us go through myriads of star ways to new planets, mine its resources and maybe help your native planet to live further.

Astro Lords

Like any MMO you usually manage a hero or a spaceship but here you will rule the asteroid you’re your main idea is to become the leader of Oort Cloud! Interesting graphics and an original storyline that is what awaits you in Astro Lords.

Battledawn Galaxies

If you want to create your own space station, explore and expand new boundaries, increase your production and become a leader of the galaxy – BattleDawn Galaxies is waiting for you!

Empire Universe 3

If you see that a game has the second or the third or the eighty eighth edition, you should have no doubt — this game is popular, and no vain. Empire Universe series has already pushed its way to the audience, and people love it. We’ll tell you why you should give a try to…

Dark Orbit

A legendary space strategy game, where you should build a powerful spacecraft, starting with a small and simple machine. All your strategy-thinking skills and ability to learn will be constantly working while playing Dark Orbit.


Join the gaming community of OGame, that is already loved by hundreds of thousands of players and that has been close to us since 2002, when the game was released. In OGame you will become a real space commander whose aim is to colonize as many planets as he can.

Star Conflict‎

Star Conflict is World of Tanks in space conditions. A storyline that blows your head away with its beautiful descriptive phrases and exceptional spirit and atmosphere created. Star Conflict really shakes imagination with locations, drawn with love and care and spacecrafts, designed with professionalism.

Battlestar Galactica

Science fiction is a perfect way to dream about possible future of humanity and predict potential ways of our development. Strange enough we like to think about how aliens look like and how our Galaxy is defeated, but it’s a fact. If you do want to feel like a star commander, play Battlestar Galactica!

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If you miss the happy moments of your childhood and can’t suppress tears when see an old good retro graphics…