Simulation games are not limited to the famous Sims series. There are dozens of excellent games that let you feel real life-like experience in various fields of human activities. Want to feel what it’s like to control an aircraft? Way to go! Want to try outrageous tricks on a BMX bike, but still afraid to do them on the ground? Here you are! Want to see if you may bring up an economically successful corporation or to govern an entire city? No problem! Simulation games are good for developing good analytical and prediction skills.

Vast Wars

You start your game as a hustler in your country, and you should do everything to become the best in your business. This is a cold and cruel world surviving in conditions of war, so you can’t have a good heart and you must be prepared to do everything necessary.

Hero Zero

In this unusual game you will create a hero of our time. You take the role of a citizen of a small town, who decided to become a local super hero, and you have to help him.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is one of the best games for your kids. It’s fun, educational and safe game for children Animal Jam is a colorful virtual world where you can take part in games with players all over the world. Currently now Animal Jam boasts six million players.


Everybody loves Lego. Everybody loves Minecraft. Roblox is the blend of both built on a simple and shared web-platform. Just download Roblox cclient and imagine yourself to be a creator of cubic universe, where your imaginotion has no limits, and everybody may enjoy and interact with your creations. In other words, you are going to…

Air Rivals

Explore brand new world of «Air Rivals»! Bring your friends allies to explore the burning skies and defeat your enemies! Just download the game client, grab the best jet you can get and show your mastery in shooting and piloting the winged machines of death!

My Little Farmies

Grow your own farming community with My Little Farmies browser game. Plant everything you want, turn your small farm into a rich and large village and interact with other farmers worldwide. Put your hands on your plow and do your best to make American dream true!

Lula Online

The game rated 16+ for those who want to add some hot pepper into their browser lives. In Lula Online your aim is to climb up the erotic industry career ladder and become the best and the most sexual manager in the world.

Imperia Online

One of the most famous online games in the city-building genre, available in a browser or on mobile devices. Imperia Online provides a player with a generous gaming experience with advanced options for logging and monitoring your success.

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