Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) is one of the most beloved genres among players worldwide. There are hundreds, thousands of MMORPGs in the market, but all of them have very important features in common. Any MMORPG is valuable for its immersive environment, character customization options, strong team spirit and tight social interaction. While the major goal of MMORPG genre is development of your character, you shouldn’t forget about clan battles, PvP arenas and a wide communication platform such games offer.


HEX allows players to play solo or cooperatively against all in a fully realized MMO world, and against other players in numerous forms of organized and unorganized play including booster drafts and limited tournaments.

Alpha Wars

Alpha Wars is a free browser game with the great features includes base building, army management and multiplayer interaction.

Shards of War

«Shards of War» – is an online game, MOBA new generation of aggressive players in the fast games. In the game there are elves, goblins and dragons and there are really familiar surroundings of the mutants and aliens.

4story 4Story

4story is a classic, but fabulous two-faction role-playing game based on a fantasy and inspiring storyline. It is you who the destiny of the whole kingdom and the sacred truth depends on. Choose your way up to victory!

Conquer Online

Take a fascinating trip to the ancient China, join sacred battles that are firing in its lands and become a national hero! Conquer Online offers a diversified and graceful MMORPG experience, spiced up with a shade of historical background.

Light of Darkness

Light of Darkness – browser-based Action-MMO with great graphics focused on the passage of missions and dungeon. For high-quality wrapper Light of Darkness lurks no less quality gameplay.


Stormthrone is a browser fantasy MMO in a mythical country, where we have to save the world.

One Piece Online

One Piece Online is a game of JoyGames which faithfully reproduced hundreds of famous characters from OnePiece, to create the most extravagant world of pirates. Just by pressing a few buttons, the players can build a team of pirates OnePiece. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji … these well-known characters will become members of your team.

Mu Classic

MU – is a huge world, very similar to the Middle Ages. But the difference lies in the fact that in these vast lands of magic is the same as the usual activities, such as, for example, military affairs, or any other craft.

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin is a game dedicated to the oriental martial arts. The game presents eight schools, each of which is unique. From the first minutes of the game you’ll be amazed by the beauty and clarity of hero’s movement, because the computer characters have learned their techniques from the best masters of martial arts.

Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis is a unique game in which the most valuable and interesting is the special weapons earned through the main quests of the game, which can be updated through injections, as well as battles in dungeons and training your warrior

Heroes Of The Banner

Heroes Of The Banner is a colorful game in the spirit of Tower Defense with elements of RPG. Players will be able to create and build several types of towers to beat off from attacking waves of orcs and demons.

Erebus 2

Erebus 2 is a unique game where you will choose from several unique classes and adventure in a dark world! Also you’ll collect items, upgrade your gear and pass the quests!

Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga is free browser MMORPG adventure game with anime characters that are fighting with the dark forces.

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