Heroes at War

Heroes at War – military strategy browser developers series “feudal lords” for computer games. Are you ready to start a bloody battle with millions of other players for the right to own the world’s Throne and rule the civilizations? The path is thorny and is heavy, but the goal is as beautiful as faceted ruby….

Divergence: Online

Divergence: Online is MMORPG indie sandbox where players collect resources to survive on an alien planet moon, trying to avoid enemy attacks and other types of players. Create new materials and form communities with other players in this dangerous and hostile to the virtual world.

Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet – free fantasy MMORPG that takes you into a unique world filled with flying dragons from the company Runewaker Entertainment.

RF Online

RF Online, or Rising Force Online – is a fusion of magic and machines in the customer free of MMORPG, where players get into the middle of the world, war-torn and the opportunity to play for one of the three major races in conflict

Eclipse War Online

Eclipse War Online will tell you the story of two powerful factions who are in war – Rumen and Kaligo mutants. The two factions have a common ancestry, but dark magic Kaligo distorted and brought the war between them, forcing Kaligo move away from the world and escape to the very edge of it.

Luvinia World

Luvinia World – a free 3D fantasy MMORPG from SOA Games, with a unique system of subclasses specialization, constant updates, hundreds of maps to explore, a variety of events and endless fun.

Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online – classic fantasy MMORPG in the time of the 7th century AD, passing along the Silk Road between China and Europe – it was a key cultural and economic trade portal. The game is free and does not require the purchase of periodic subscription, but players can buy premium items to change or…

Villagers & Heroes

Villagers & Heroes – classic fantasy MMORPG with free access to a certain set of features and unique, which makes it different from many other game on the market in this genre. In this MMORPG has an exciting and interesting story line, tied to the quests in which players become heroes of their own stories.

Face of Mankind

Face of Mankind – a free sci-fi 3D MMORPG with fights in real time in a constantly evolving fantastic universe.

Knight Online

Knight Online – 3D MMORPG in the fantasy setting of a great PvP with a variety of elements, for example, PvP faction and guild vs. guild. The game focuses on a war between the human nation of El Morad and orcs Tuareki Carus. Players can choose which race they want to fight, but they begin…

Champions of Regnum

Champions of Regnum – free 3D fantasy MMORPG. Both games have a battle between servers (RvR) – 3 servers and are similar schedule. Regnum uniquely balanced and combines both in-competition competitive PvP, and deep-employed PvE.

Town of Salem

Salem – free-crafting sandbox MMORPG, developed by Seatribe and Mortal Moments, Inc. Players are transported into a huge open world with a colonial setting, where the main goal – to create something and to keep all the necessary materials, and real death will constantly surround you.

Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy – free browser MMORPG, based on the distant future. You have two opportunities to play Pirate Galaxy: directly in your browser or download a separate game client.


Landmark – free construction MMO sandbox, in which the player own territory in an open world, where they will create and build a huge complex structures for both their own and public use, ranging from castles, taverns, large statues or primitive caves – all limited only imagination.

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