Thanks Japanese artists for all exaggerated eye-sized characters and for Pokemons. We can’t imagine our lives without them already; anime culture and its unique visuals feel native and well familiar. That’s why video games featuring anime personages and based on typical anime stories are always popular and pleasant to play. When we hear a word “anime”, we are ready to get deep into the world full of noble adventures, incredibly beautiful heroes and sheroes with a wide range of emotions, and get prepared to watch an exciting story unfolding.

Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is a wonderful game, created in the style of fantasy and anime. It will allow you to get into a magical world that was nearly destroyed during the war and now you must return him peace and prosperity.

Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga is free browser MMORPG adventure game with anime characters that are fighting with the dark forces.

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a brilliant game in which you can feel yourself like a hero and savior of the wonderful world. Each player in this fantastic world can choose his extraordinary magic ability. Let’s begin your adventure!

Anime Pirates

Your main task is to defeat enemies galore under the wing of legendary Captain Jack! Enhance your weapons, visit and socialize at the bar, or create unique battles with your enemies. All that is waiting for you in Anime Pirates!

Fiesta Online

Here you are, in a strange, but beautiful world that has no protection from angry gods who want to destroy this place. Fiesta Online will help you feel like a real savior and the one who will solve the mystery that is letting this world down.

Demon Crusade

A free browser RPG made in an astonishing anime style. Your eyes will become scattered as soon as you start picking up your character and bringing it to life! Demon Crusade is an ideal game for everybody who lost their heart in Japanese cartoon art and heads for adventures.

Aura Kingdom

Magical lands of the Aura Kingdom are waiting for you to come and put all your efforts and all your weapons to make this once prosperous realm shine again. Face up with thousands of adventures this mysterious world has prepared for you!

Bleach Online

An MMORPG based on a fabulous Naruto manga franchise. Strictly recommended for any anime fan. Though, it’s not required to know the story to play the game successfully. Imagine yourself a fast and furious ninja whose movements are so fast that he is almost invisible!

Ultimate Naruto

Ultimate Naruto will take you into an anime world where Good is always fighting with Evil. You are going to be a stylishly-dressed ninja and defeat Orochimaru’s empire warriors. This MMORPG is surely focused on Naruto story and delivers the concept and characters of the famous anime show to the gaming platform.


NosTale invites you in the world of fantasy and adventures, where you step up on the road of courageous and reckless warriors. Drawn in an amazing manga style, NosTale offers a continuous challenging experience for its players.


Fast, furious, quirky. These are words that best describe the total atmosphere reigning the imaginary universe, an anime-styled RPG client game. Asia have always been known for its martial arts, and Eastern games are sure to deliver the best combat experience for the most advanced player.

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