Ancient World

Those who want to make wiser mistakes than others, should learn the mistakes of past. Exploring different historical epochs is not the most simple task to imagine, but surely it is one of the most interesting activities — to imagine how people lived many centuries ago and how different their times were in comparison with our days. All in all, show us a person who never dreams of taking on the role of Alexander I of Macedon or Attila?
In games with a broad historical background you will be able to rule huge empires as a powerful leader of the past days.

Travian Kingdoms

Travian Kingdoms is a free city-building MMORTS developed and published by Travian Games.


Elvenar is a fantasy city-building game by Innogames that allows you to choose either elves or humans as a starting race. Create beautiful buildings in your city and upgrade them to produce faster the resources you need. Explore the world map, interact with your neighbors and gather relics to boost your production.

Battle Knight

Join massive multiplayer online role-playing game Battle Knight and cut your way through the legions of enemies to the top of local hall of fame! It’s only to you to decide: will you become the defender of innocent souls or the destroyer of entire cities that stand in your way!


In the ancient times cruel tyrans and emperors entertained themselves in one of two ways: either declaring war on other states, or watching people fighting each other in great colosseums to death. If you are obsessed with glory and domination of fields of brawl, Gladiatus should fit you just fine.


A game for those who want to get deeper into ancient times and feel like a noble person ruling his own land and executing trading connections with neighboring lands and showing off your diplomacy. Turn the inhabited lands at your disposal into a prosperous and mighty kingdom!

Goodgame Empire

If you are tired to be just another king of a castle, there’s a solution for yoy: just become a king of the empire. Goodgame Empire is a story about a modest lord who once decided to turn into the emperor, and made it. This is a story about you.


A classic game with historical background, where you shall act as one of the most military-sophisticated nations and become the leader in the world arena. Lead your land to the glory and share it with your people! Travian will make you feel like an ancient conqueror.

Forge of Empires

Don’t be shy to reveal your Napoleon plans on conquering the world! In Forge of Empires this becomes possible, and no person or animal will get injured or hurt. Join the world of conquerors and become the most skillful one!

The Settlers Online

You should be familiar with Ubisoft’s PC hit game series named the Settlers. The Settlers Online is a browser version of the legendary series and gives you all the advantages of online playing and serious resource-management aspects.

Stormfall: Age of War

The Age of War has come. Your empire is constantly under strikes of external enemies, it’s time to defend it and make space for its further growth. Prove that you are a wise emperor, expand your lands and use all your forces to neglect the outer attacks in Stormfall: Age of War.

My Lands

Feel so medieval and such a feudalistic in the contradictory locations of My Lands! The game is a free-to-play title, but one of the most exciting things about it is that its in-game currency can be transformed into real world money. That means: play and earn!

Imperia Online

One of the most famous online games in the city-building genre, available in a browser or on mobile devices. Imperia Online provides a player with a generous gaming experience with advanced options for logging and monitoring your success.


Take a trip on a time travel machine and find yourself in Ancient Greece, where you will meet Greek gods and great historical personalities like Odysseus or Helen of Troy.

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