The word “Action” in relation to games speaks for itself. While playing action games, a player acts and reacts to a constantly changing environment. You will explore levels by levels, collect rewards by rewards, avoid various obstacles that the game keeps bringing to you and fight huge bosses at the end of each sequence of levels.
Your aim is to save your health bar and a number of lives. Action game genre increases your reaction speed and develops hand-eye coordination, no matter what type of an action it is: a platformer, a shooter or a fighting game.


Warframe game throws you in the core of the events taking place in the fantasy universe, where you can choose one of four warframes available here. Warframe is something like a class in any other MMORPG, but in this world these classes are something more than we are used to think.

War Thunder

Experience tough situations in the air that World War II aviators used to come through. Get acquainted with the most of classic war aviacrafts used at those times. Search for enemies and take them down with all the power of a jet fighter in War Thunder!

Doom Warrior

You’re in the army now, and this army doesn’t give you a right for mistake. You will be fighting in the drastic world of Doom Warrior and stomp down onto the new combat arenas you have never seen before!


Yes, this is a browser clone of Minecraft. No, this is not a thoughtless replica. It is a totally independent sandbox game, developing your imagination and creativity skills. Those who do not want to install anything on their computer but still want to have a Minecraft-like experience, will have their right choice when playing Brick-Force.

Star Conflict‎

Star Conflict is World of Tanks in space conditions. A storyline that blows your head away with its beautiful descriptive phrases and exceptional spirit and atmosphere created. Star Conflict really shakes imagination with locations, drawn with love and care and spacecrafts, designed with professionalism.


Become the storm of the seas and the legend of oceans with Seafight game. Here, in the world of marine crafts and sophisticated sea route curves, you should prove to be the best captain ever. Hey-ho!


Put on your on-eye band, take a dirk and head to the impossible sea adventures on a pirate ship! You will explore the endless ocean space, meet a good heap of challenges, fight with other sea gangsters and finally find the treasures you’ve been searching for so long.

League of Legends

Join the endless war in the land of Valoran, making your champion as powerful as you can! League of Legends is a colorful strategy RPG, where you will meet lots of enemies and adventures and will catch the overall spirit of fantasy, where battles feel like real ones.


Operation7 is a first-person shooter game built on classical principles of action gameplay. Here you will roam around destroyed locations, run away from enemies and try to shoot down everything that moves. Good luck, soldier!

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