The word “Action” in relation to games speaks for itself. While playing action games, a player acts and reacts to a constantly changing environment. You will explore levels by levels, collect rewards by rewards, avoid various obstacles that the game keeps bringing to you and fight huge bosses at the end of each sequence of levels.
Your aim is to save your health bar and a number of lives. Action game genre increases your reaction speed and develops hand-eye coordination, no matter what type of an action it is: a platformer, a shooter or a fighting game.


Skyforge is a free-to-play third-person action massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by the Group’s Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. In the universe of Skyforge immortal gods and heroes with the help of technologies of the future fight with mythical creatures and reflect the invasions from outer space.

Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is a wonderful game, created in the style of fantasy and anime. It will allow you to get into a magical world that was nearly destroyed during the war and now you must return him peace and prosperity.

Wind of Luck

Wind of Luck is an online game that is dedicated to sailing ships and pirate life. You start the game in a small boat with a team of skeletons but your goal is wealth and glory to which you have to come.

Divine Souls

Divine Souls is one of the most interesting and exciting 3d online games with an impressive selection of weapons, ceaseless battles and limitless possibilities of PvP.

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a brilliant game in which you can feel yourself like a hero and savior of the wonderful world. Each player in this fantastic world can choose his extraordinary magic ability. Let’s begin your adventure!

Kingdom Rift

How long you haven’t been in the kingdom, fighting with monsters, looking for the treasures or saving the princess? Unfortunately there won’t be a princess but the adventures are provided you!


Everybody loves Lego. Everybody loves Minecraft. Roblox is the blend of both built on a simple and shared web-platform. Just download Roblox cclient and imagine yourself to be a creator of cubic universe, where your imaginotion has no limits, and everybody may enjoy and interact with your creations. In other words, you are going to…

Air Rivals

Explore brand new world of «Air Rivals»! Bring your friends allies to explore the burning skies and defeat your enemies! Just download the game client, grab the best jet you can get and show your mastery in shooting and piloting the winged machines of death!


Defending the planet is not the easiest mission ever. But it is surely one of the most glorious ones. In Firefall you’ll become the one who will have enough power to save the Earth from a race of invaders. And you will do it!

Dark Orbit

A legendary space strategy game, where you should build a powerful spacecraft, starting with a small and simple machine. All your strategy-thinking skills and ability to learn will be constantly working while playing Dark Orbit.

Bleach Online

An MMORPG based on a fabulous Naruto manga franchise. Strictly recommended for any anime fan. Though, it’s not required to know the story to play the game successfully. Imagine yourself a fast and furious ninja whose movements are so fast that he is almost invisible!

Total Domination

The world is totally destroyed and looks more like the wasteland than what you used to see. In this post-apocalypse clash you should take the whole world back piece by piece using your blaster and intelligence. Total Domination — this is your rescue.

World of Tanks

Feel the power of armoured tanks with the legendary game that won the hearts and minds of people all over the world! Studio has delivered the most impressive war experience ever to PC platform.

World of Warplanes

The title of the game itself gives us a hint on the game series it belongs to: sure, we speak about one of the greatest online hit World of Tanks. World of Warplanes takes you into the years of World War II, but you are riding an aircraft instead of a heavy tank.

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