In Wargame 1942 you are going to take an important role of a troops commander in the years of WWII. Still, there are no blood, deaths and shooting depicted on the screen: this game is much more about resource management than about a combat process itself.


Wargame 1942 is a strategy title that lets you explore the world map set in the times of one of the most outstanding wars in the century — World War II. Your aim is to build an effective and brave army, and win over some game checkpoints that are enemies outposts. As you start with almost nothing in your hands, you will create your army from scratch. At first you will create a base that will slowly be expanding and allow more troops to be located; then you will construct more stores, research centers and labs, factories and barracks to let the whole army function. New construction built will unlock new missions and achievements for you; so keep a balance between improving the existing structures and building something new. Always be ready to defend your base: do not forget about spying resources and keep an eye on your enemies. Also be sure to communicate with other players worldwide and join a battle alliance that will offer a helping hand in a dramatic situation.


Wargame 1942 offers much possibilities for a teamwork; is good at developing some strategy thinking in a player; supports an overall positive impression with decent graphics and logical game mechanics.

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Wargame 1942

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