Travian Kingdoms is a free city-building MMORTS developed and published by Travian Games.


Serve your Kingdom – Serve a King as Governor or become a King yourself, working together to build a great and powerful Kingdom. Three Tribes – Choose a Tribe that fits your playstyle (Gauls, Teutons, or Romans), ranging from defensive to militant. Hero System – Customize and equip your hero, and send them out on adventures to collect resources. Traditional City-Building Gameplay – Control your resources and build multiple cities across your kingdom’s territory for maximum profit and military presence. Build a World Wonder – Build a World Wonder to level 100 with your alliance to be declared the winner of the server.


Kingdoms is a city-building MMORTS and is an upgraded version of the popular original Travian game, offering brand new features, graphics, and gameplay mechanics that take the game to a new level. Serve under a king as a governor or become the king of your own kingdom, pillaging neighboring robber hideouts and occupying resource fields to support your ambitions.

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Travian Kingdoms


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