The world is totally destroyed and looks more like the wasteland than what you used to see. In this post-apocalypse clash you should take the whole world back piece by piece using your blaster and intelligence. Total Domination — this is your rescue.


After a drastic catastrophe the world is torn down. The only possible way to revive it for those few who stayed alive is to become dominators, fight all the evil that is still present in the face of the Earth and grow good with methods of war. Sounds cynic, but this is the world of nothing, there's no choice.

So, you put on your space boots, take a laser blaster in your hands and start your dirty job of a savior. You build a base, strengthen it, find enough humans to form army troops and perform your expansion.

You should feel no mercy to enemies you come across: destroy anyone of them and conquer every corner of the world map. This concept makes the gameplay of Total Domination really intense: in PvP battles you often have no time to think and the final result depends on your reaction.

Take care of your troops and equipment; don't forget to upgrade them on time to meet stronger opponents on PvP battles; and soon you'll become the one and only dominant on the planet.


Total Domination's strong point is its amazing graphics and advanced player's interface: it provides great options for customizing your weaponry and using its force to the most.

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Total Domination

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