Grand Fantasia is a wonderful game, created in the style of fantasy and anime. It will allow you to get into a magical world that was nearly destroyed during the war and now you must return him peace and prosperity.


Once in the game, you find yourself in a colorful and unusually beautiful world that will give you a lot of good impressions and pleasure during the game. After the selecting of character, you'll have a pet that will help his caring owner in fights and battles; also it can make a weapon or armor for you and even help with the production of materials.

So you have to choose your hero, each of them have there own abilities that you'll be able to develop during the game. First in the list is a warrior - the main advantages is the power and high speed of hitting that will allow you to be a champion in any battles. The Magician- has many magical powers applicable in battle. Shepherd - his greatest advantage is the healing power, you can heal your allies and give them strength. Thief - a character who has extraordinary skill.


Your main task is to be a hero, who must to restore balance in a terrible world. Join us and fight with evil forces!

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Grand Fantasia

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