If you are tired to be just another king of a castle, there’s a solution for yoy: just become a king of the empire. Goodgame Empire is a story about a modest lord who once decided to turn into the emperor, and made it. This is a story about you.


This free browser game uses a game model that is already popular and is loved by gamers from all over the world. Yes, good old city-building. Why is this exact game genre still so hot? Maybe, the secret is that you don't need to show much aggressiveness as in shooters, but still reach your goals, as in a good strategy. As for Goodgame Empire, it offers brilliant kingdom simulation experience. You will start as an owner of a small castle and then expand its walls outside, gradually enlarging your army and searching for new resources. You always should think in advance: be sure to have enough land bought around you to have room for further expansion; and keep your inhabitants live prosperously to have enough forces to launch an attack or to defend from invaders. Sure, in this mad world everybody needs a partner and a helping hand, that's why allies are always good here. Invite your friends to the game or just make friends with another player, and together it will be much easier to reach the top. But be ready to help your allies in their wars just the way they help you!


Goodgame Empire is a... good game. Yep, it provides nothing innovative, but this is the exact case when the best is worse than better. All the strategic moments are so well-polished, that a player won't get stuck or bored during a gameplay. Add nice-looking graphics to it, and you'll get a benchmark war strategy game.

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Goodgame Empire

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