If you see that a game has the second or the third or the eighty eighth edition, you should have no doubt — this game is popular, and no vain. Empire Universe series has already pushed its way to the audience, and people love it. We’ll tell you why you should give a try to Empire Universe 3.


As in most of RPGs, before you join the fantastic world, you should decide who you are here: in other words, choose a race. There is one neutral race of human beings, who are irresponsive of any negative effects of other personages; and three races with their unique set of abilities — Cyborgs, Jamozoids and Zuups. After initial preparations you are able to start your journey around unknown galaxies. This is the game that requires resources mining and expanding your starcraft to the most. So, gather up your patience and get ready to the long-long way up to the hill of glory. On your way you will face lots of challenges and quests. Each of them will leave something valuable for your storehouse to upgrade your equipment, travel a bit farther, acquire new technologies and become the best star ship commander in the universe. As this is an MMORPG, it requires strong interaction with other players — forming guilds and fighting with each other for valuable and rich planets. Don't be shy, and soon you'll become the black storm of the galaxy!


Though Empire Universe 3 is full of options and features, its interface is very friendly to players: even beginners can deal with it from the very first steps. What is more, there is a nice tutorial helping newbies get acquainted with the game mechanics and providing good tips.

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Empire Universe 3

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