Welcome to the magical mystery tour around the world of Dragon Pals! Save enchanted creatures who inhabit this fantasy world and find friends around the real world! A friendly and nice MMORPG that will make you smile.


Become a defender of dragon pets who suffer from evil forces invading their magical homeland and put an end to this cruel and senseless war. You won't be surprised, when at first launch you will be asked to choose a class. This is a basic principle of almost any RPG, and Dragon Pals is not an exception. You may become a Warrior, and Archer or a Mage. After that you will lead your hero through the bright world of eons, trying to defend it in front of the darkness. Each class has its own capabilities, weakness sides and strength sides. Your aim is to balance these features and to make your dragon as powerful as it could be. Archers are good at making damage; Warriors — at defending; Mages — at casting spells at a proper moment. On your combating path you shall collect many creatures that will boost your abilities or add to your experience. Use them wisely and try not to spill them around at the first stages of the game. You'd better store them for the future.


A beautifully drawn RPG with a tamagochi sense, but with a serious set of multiplayer options: multi-server battles are available beside typical PvP arenas and battles with AI. Dragon Pals, though might seem a bit childish, is sure to provide you with deep strategy experience.

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Dragon Pals


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