A legendary space strategy game, where you should build a powerful spacecraft, starting with a small and simple machine. All your strategy-thinking skills and
ability to learn will be constantly working while playing Dark Orbit.


A good old story: the Earth becomes unsuitable for life, and humans start seeking for other places to live. They travel along myriads of new galaxies and found success in settling on other distant planets. Still, wars are inevitable even when the mother planet is dead — people never change and want more power and money. Your mission in Dark Orbit is to defend the resources and stop the invasion of corporate giants into defenseless planets.

Ironically, you should build your own empire in the endless spaces of the Universe to counterstrike other mighty empires.

Your path will be a long one: you begin your trip in a tiny spaceship, but soon you will start finding new resources and upgrade it. When you are tough enough to hold battles, you will gain prestige points and become more and more powerful.

But be attentive — Dark Orbit requires much thinking and strategy approach; be careful while choosing opponents and performing attacks in order not to lose everything you have earned.


A well-balanced strategy game with amazing visuals (thanks to the space environment); a variety of unlock-able upgrades; a fully detailed interface with lots of options available. The game, though providing a battling action, is not very dynamic, better intending to involve brain into the gameplay.

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Dark Orbit

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