An MMORPG based on a fabulous Naruto manga franchise. Strictly recommended for any anime fan. Though, it’s not required to know the story to play the
game successfully. Imagine yourself a fast and furious ninja whose movements are so fast that he is almost invisible!


Bleach Online, though being the game for real warriors, is very friendly for newcomers due to a detailed tutorial system that includes a set of starting quests. Thus, a player, even the youngest one, feels good while traveling around the massive world of Bleach Online and obtaining basic skills of a beginning ninja. As soon as you get acquainted with the game concept, you may join ninja squads or create your own one, and start helping other newbies coming into the game. For level-up experience points are used. Special items may be found in loot or may be hand-crafted by a player (but, sure, they cost rather much). Multiplayer options are wide: you may challenge a random player, or pick up your friend, or play vs. AI, or play in a guild. Boss fights won’t let you get bored or over-sophisticated; ongoing self-development is a motto of Bleach Online. The world of the game is really warming and hard to exit: beware of becoming a Bleach Online addict.


A good level structure, allowing to enter the basics of the game in a player’s own pace. Amazing graphics and a good storyline (both for those who are familiar with Naruto and for those who are not). A nice choice of combat types and extreme friendliness of the game interface and atmosphere.

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Bleach Online

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