BattleLine is dedicated to armored battles from different eras, so here you can easily see how the ancient T-34 is trying to break through active armor M1 Abrams.


The project is notable for the fact that each player can manage four tanks at the same time, while climbing under the armor of each of them personally and shoot enemies. In the tank battles can participate for 25 people from each side, that is why we expect rather larger amounts of scrap metal.

BattleLine has another interesting feature of the front line, which players can move in real time. Victory goes to that side, who successfully promoted the line deep into enemy territory. Also, the game has a global mode, where players can form alliances, capture new territories and obtain from them variety bonuses. And for dessert authors prepared the ability to customize each tank.


So it's a great game that is worth to play because such control, such tanks and generally such game, you won’t find!

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