A legendary city-building and simulation strategy game that defeated hearts and minds of millions players all over the world. Fully deployed game experience in simple browser. Build up your own medieval city!


Anno Online gives you all and any of the advantages of economic simulator and resource-management game right in your browser. Being true to the whole Anno series, this game offers an outstanding variety of building types and structures, so that your imagination and engineering skills could be expanded by maximum. In total there are more than 800 structures available: quite a large sandbox! The goal of the game is to build a medieval city of your own and make it as prosperous as possible, exploring the outer world, collecting goods, trading with neighbors and balancing on the edge while trying to control the city’s population. You won’t have time to blink your eye - your city needs control all the time. Playing with others is a must feature in Anno Online. You may join other players’ guilds or create your very own one to share your resources and build something outstanding together. Due to detailed graphics, any creation looks really impressive.


A very decent game that has already won its auditory of fans; a brilliant economic simulator with a historical shade; great visuals and great ways to express your own vision on how the city must be ruled; high diplomacy skills are required.

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Anno Online

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