Explore brand new world of «Air Rivals»! Bring your friends allies to explore the burning skies and defeat your enemies! Just download the game client, grab the best jet you can get and show your mastery in shooting and piloting the winged machines of death!


Furious battles await you in the game of «Air Rivals»! You shall fight in the worked-out world of Phillon where thousands of players clash in furious battles on their jet shooters. Within two fractions hangars you can choose between lots of powerful and deadly aircrafts. And as you will master your combat and flying skills you will probably eventually start thinking about becoming not only a great hero, but a great leader of great heroes. In «Air Rivals» it's as easier as ever could be. Just gather up a group of friends and fight for your right to fight!


Combining intuitively understandable client interface with exciting gameplay and wide social possibilities, «Air Rivals» provide one of the best MMO gaming experinces of our days. Why are you still not in a cockpit?!

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Air Rivals

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